Boiler Repairs and Servicing

Boiler and Central Heating Repairs

If your boiler or central heating stops working or isn’t working the same way it used to. Whether it be a defective pilot light, leaking radiators, pump not working, radiators not fully warming up. Whatever, the issues you’re having are we are on hand to offer assistance.

Annual Service

Boilers are expensive and having to replace them due to damage and wear is not something you will want to do often. By keeping your boiler well looked after we can catch any issues that could cause major damage before they happen. So it’s wise to get an annual service.

Service Plans

We all know the drama…

It’s the middle of winter and the heating won’t come on…

You call a serviceman to come out and have a look. The call out charge and cost of repairs hit you with an expense you weren’t expecting.

If you take out a service plan with us you will never have those fears. We will get to you and fix your problems with everything already covered by your monthly Service Plan.

– 24/7 cover 365 days
– Within 2 hours emergency call out / 12 hours for non-emergency
– Free Annual Service
– All labour and parts on boiler

So avoid those costly call outs and fixes with a service plan. We’ve got you covered.

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